New dev blog out talking about equipment balancing in 1.8.  It also introduces the cloaking device!  This sure does sound interesting, and I can see a lot of people using them.

I’ve decided though there’s one feature I really want for 1.8:  usable mouse+keyboard controls.  I simply cannot get m/kb working to a reasonable degree.  Part of the problem (and only part) is that it’s hard to aim at things in the distance.  The smallest unit of movement on my mouse corresponds to quite a jump in the reticle position.  Then there’s the complete inability to aim meaningfully in close quarters combat.  Others seem to be able to keep their reticle on me, but my mouse goes haywire all over the place.  It’s overall a horrible experience.

The most puzzling thing about m/kb support in Dust 514 is that a while ago, before they touched it, it was quite good!  I know I used to be able to actually aim reasonably well.  Not any more.


A new event is up:

Throughout the weekend of March 14-17, should the total number of clones destroyed in New Eden reach 1 million, every active player shall receive 1 million skill points! The details for this event are:

When: The Million Clone Challenge runs from March 14 through 17 from downtime to downtime.

Objectives: During this period, the total number of mercenary clones destroyed by the player community will be tallied and for each milestone achieved, active player characters will be rewarded with commensurate skill points. The clone kill milestones are the following:

  • For 250,000 clones destroyed, all active players will receive 250,000 skill points
  • For 500,000 clones destroyed, all active players will receive 500,000 skill points
  • For 750,000 clones destroyed, all active players will receive 750,000 skill points
  • For 1,000,000 clones destroyed, all active players will receive 1,000,000 skill points

Additional event info

  • Only the total number of clones destroyed during the event will be counted, not the number of kills
  • Clone kills by friendly fire will not be counted
  • Active players characters in this case means any player characters that have logged in during event times and play at least 10 battles
  • Active skill boosters will grant bonus skill points earned in this event – in order to receive the bonus you must:
    • Have a character that has an active skill booster installed on the first day of the event i.e. after downtime on March 14 in order to qualify for the bonus
    • The length of the booster does not affect the amount of skill point bonus applied i.e. as long as you have an active skill booster of any type installed on your character after downtime on March 14, your character will receive the full bonus from the skill booster for this event

CCP is continuing to offer events in Dust 514, and here’s what’s coming up this January:

Operation Shinobi
The art of stealth and subterfuge is the mark of a true assassin. From January 15 to 29, mercenaries will be able to showcase their deadly talents with Operation Shinobi! Jump into a Scout suit and grab your Nova Knives to prove your worth and earn rewards.
For every kill you score with any Nova Knife while wearing any Scout Suit, you’ll earn the following rewards:

  • 1 x ‘Neo’ Scout gk.0
  • 1x ‘Neo’ Scout mk.0
  • 1x ‘Fleshriver’ Ishukone Nova Knives

You can earn up to 200 of each reward. Kills may be earned in any form of battle. Rewards will be delivered after the event ends. Rewards earned in Operation Shinobi are not exclusive from those earned in Operation Shadow Hunt.

Operation Shadow Hunt
As killers with Nova Knives are striking down mercenaries from shadows, bounties have been issued on anyone wearing a Scout suit. Between January 15 and 29, it’s your chance to show off the dominance of the other dropsuits. Use any Assault Rifle, Combat Rifle, Rail Rifle, Scrambler Rifle, or HMG to take down enemies wearing a Scout suit and earn bonus ISK based on the level of the dropsuit killed.

  • Militia – 2000 ISK
  • Standard – 10000 ISK
  • Advanced – 25000 ISK
  • Prototype – 50000 ISK

You can earn up to 10 million ISK as rewards during this event. The ISK will be delivered after the event ends. Rewards earned in Operation Shadow Hunt are not exclusive from those earned in Operation Shinobi.

Accelerated SP Week
Earn extra Skill Points during the week of January 22 to 29. During the week, you will receive 5 times the normal SP from War Points earned during a match. The weekly Skill Point cap will be boosted to 3 times the normal amount during the week as well.