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New pack for the PS Store, the Origin Pack:

If you enjoy customizing your fits, raising the fallen as much as you like dropping the enemy, then the Origin Pack has you covered. Twenty copies of two PlayStation®Store exclusive ‘Origin’ series suits, a stockpile of both assault and support gear and a 3-day Active Skill Booster make this pack the set to get. The Origin Pack will be available in the United States and Asia on November 12th, in Europe on November 13th and Japan on the November 26th!

The Origin Pack contains:

  • ‘Origin’ Assault C-1
  • ‘Origin’ Logistics M-1
  • ‘Blindfire’ Assault Rifle
  • ‘Slashvent’ Submachine Gun
  • ‘Tsunami’ Mass Driver
  • ‘Husk’ AV Grenade
  • ‘Haze’ Locus Grenade
  • ‘Eclipse’ Active Scanner
  • ‘Terminus’ Drop Uplink
  • ‘Torrent’ Nanohive
  • ‘Cannibal’ Nanite Injector
  • ‘Kinesis’ Basic Shield Extender
  • ‘Synapse’ Basic Shield Recharger
  • ‘Pathogen’ Basic Codebreaker
  • ‘Shaft’ Basic Shield Regulator
  • ‘Nacre’ Basic Reactive Plates
  • ‘Abatis’ Basic Ferroscale Plates
  • ‘Goliath’ Basic Armor Plates
  • 3-day Active Skill Booster



The veteran and elite packs on the PlayStation store will be leaving on November 5, 2013, and it seems they will not be returning.  Good stuff in them, but unfortunately for CCP I am boycotting Dust 514 purchases for now.  These packs, just like some mercenary packs in the past, contained BPO’s — unlimited use gear.  CCP is phasing out giving out any BPO’s anywhere, and after this I think the only remaining source of BPO’s will be the EVE Online Collector’s Edition.  That’s a limited item, so one that sells out there should be no more sources of BPO’s.  This is part of their plan to help the Dust 514 economy.  And honestly, I don’t quite understand why they ever thought BPO’s were a good idea.  Many players will be upset if CCP takes this a step further and does something about already existing BPO’s.  As for me, I don’t mind if they do change them, as long as we who own BPO’s are appropriately compensated — and for some people, an AUR reimbursement will not be enough to make up for what was lost.  I suspect it will be too difficult, so CCP won’t change existing BPO’s.  We shall see.


Someone on the forums has helpfully posted a summary of news snippets revealed at EVE Vegas, so check it out.  I’ll repost the current version below.  Of particular interest to me are the comments on BPO’s.  CCP is working to remove all BPO’s from sale, but there was a hint that existing BPO’s might need some sort of dealing with as well.  Quite a few issues with fixing this, but I personally think that BPO’s are not good for the game.  I honestly am not quite sure why they were even ever introduced, though it didn’t bother me too much since it was, at the time, only for the already super cheap militia gear.  That’s not the case anymore though, with some standard BPO’s being out there now.  You can read my thoughts here.  And now, what follows are the EVE Vegas news items:

  • All racial gear to be released soon (not SOON™) hopefully 1.8
  • They said they already had all the racial Scout suits and are currently playing with them for balancing! So im guessing we’ll see those soon (not SOON™)
  • Heavy suits are currently being modeled as you read. Which is kool but we won’t see them for awhile as they will still need to be balanced, which might mean a nerf or a buff for the current Amarr Heavy?
  • BPO are not safe! UPDATED!

    CCP Logibro wrote:

    Again, we would like to reiterate that they will not be removed from any inventories.
  • New cloaking system/ability. – This has been asked for by the community for awhile for an active cloaking module for dropsuits, but nothing more have been said on the matter.
  • Revamped NPE (New Player Experience)
  • Market 2.0 – They gave a screenshot of what this will look like and in the words of George Takei: “Oh My” did it look good! Also included a new tab for Factional Warfare items.
  • Player market – meaning it will be no longer all NPC controlled; we’ll be able to sell items for the prices we see fit…… which is great for the meta game!
  • New items for the Loyalty Point store for Factional Warfare
  • Player Trading – This is pretty self explanatory I think.
  • Through the use of AURUM a player can gain increased: standing, Loyalty Points and ISK per match within Factional Warfare. – I think this should be removed, as this seems very much like Pay to Win IMO.
  • EVE pilots will get added Loyalty Points and gain kill mails for successful Factional Warfare orbitals.
  • Planetary Conquest 2.0 – A completely reworked system for more balance and a more “hardcore” experience.
  • Clone packs will be changed so you actually have to load up a Warbarge (at a station in EVE) with MCC’s and clones and then either get a EVE pilot to actively pilot the clones to the desired plannet. Once there you’ll have to “anchor” the warbarge above the planet. (Multiple Warbarges could be anchored and thus blobbing a planet with x amount of Warbarges) :D
  • Orbital artillery on the plants will be able to shoot an anchored Warbarge to destroy it. Im guessing you’ll have to own that district which has the Orbital Artillery.
  • Moving PC to null sec (player own space) and claim Sovereignty (owning whole sectors of space)
  • New end of match screens. – Extra added statistics and for Factional Warfare will show the current state of the planet and region captured, both for Dust and EVE sides. This is great so we can see how much we are affecting each other.
  • No signs for other gaming platforms for Dust, though they contradicted this in another lecture.
  • Free roaming. – I’m guessing if we own a district we could freely walk about it without fighting against another team, test things out or cook marshmallows around a burning Sica if we wanted to.

Thanks to Lt Royal for the great summary.


The Omega Booster, which gives 100% bonus to passive SP’s rather than 50%, is back for a short time.  Unfortunately, I won’t be buying it (or indeed anything), as CCP still needs to address the pricing issues for Australians.  Back when I started playing Dust 514, I thought I might treat it like a normal MMO with a monthly subscription fee.  However, I’ve had a personal policy of almost never buying digital products from companies that overcharge Australia, and I’ve decided I can’t let that slide, even for CCP’s Dust 514.  For those of you who are not overcharged, here’s a copy of the full details:

Due to popular demand, we will be re-introducing the 30-day passive and introducing the brand new 7day active Omega Booster, a specially designed skill-boosting implant to help mercenaries gain skill points at twice the normal rate. These will be available for a limited time via the in-game market between September 30th and October 15th only, so take advantage of this limited time offer and get yours while they are available!


NOTE:  PLEASE CCP and Sony stop overcharging Australians!  When you advertise $99.99, what you really mean is $150 for an Australian player.  Our dollar is strong.  In what way is such a surcharge justified?  It is, frankly, a ridiculous price gouge.

With release, there are these new packs coming out.  Note that for the Merc Pack it’s a dragonfly assault, not scout:

Mercenary Pack
40,000 AUR
30-day Active Skill Booster
Permanent items [BPO]:
• Dragonfly assault dropsuit
• Toxin assault rifle
50 copies each [BPC]:
• HK-2 Scrambler Pistol
• Hacked Nanohive
• Hacked EX-0 AV Grenade
• CN-V Light Damage Modifier

Veteran Pack
100,000 AUR
30-day Active Skill Booster
30-day Passive Skill Booster
Permanent [BPO]:
• Blood Raider Saga Light Assault Vehicle
• Covenant Assault Rifle
• Covenant sniper rifle
50 copies each [BPC]:
• HK4M shotgun
• Hacked Drop Uplink
• Fused Locus Grenade
• 1.5dn Myofibril Stimulant

Elite Pack
200,000 AUR
Two 30-Day Active Skill Boosters
Two 30-Day Passive Skill Boosters
Permanent [BPO]:
• Ishukone Watch Saga Light Assault Vehicle
• Dren Scout G-I dropsuit
• Dren Heavy A-I dropsuit
• Dren Assault C-I dropsuit
• Dren Logistics M-I dropsuit
• Dren shotgun
• Dren swarm launcher
• Dren scrambler pistol
• Dren assault rifle
50 copies each [BPC]:
• Sica Heavy Assault Vehicle
• Assault C-I Heavy Assault Vehicle
• Assault C/1-Series Heavy Assault Vehicle
• Assault ck.0 Heavy Assault Vehicle

If you’re interested, there’s a sale on some marketplace items from the 12th to the 19th:

CQC Scout - 15 AUR (50% discount) – Standard scout suit with no skill requirements. Comes with the following pre-packaged Fitting:

  • Militia Kinetic Catalyzer
  • Militia Kinetic Catalyzer
  • Fused Locus Grenade
  • Militia Shotgun
  • Militia Myofibril Stimulant

‘Eon’ Militia Heavy - 6,400 AUR
‘Primordial’ Militia Assault - 6,400 AUR